How Did I Earn My First Fortune As A Blogger

As many of you have known me a little bit through my introduction on the page of about me.

Yes, I have written my Chinese blog related about WordPress and SEO, Social Media Marketing for almost 2 years.

As a matter of fact that I do also help a lot of B2B freelancers to build their own website though I have no any coding background. Of course, this is not for free. I charge for that service.

Actually, digital marketing is a big huge market in China currently. There are many start-ups are seeking for the method of how to reinforce their business by learning digital marketing.

As I told you guys I was an overseas sales representative in a chemical manufacturer before I started to learn digital marketing.

The fact is that the majority of Chinese manufacturers still spend much money on the traditional B2B marketing platform such as Alibaba, Globalsource, Made-in-China etc.

That is why I started to my digital learning blog for the purpose of helping these entrepreneurs to grow their business.

I still have a full-time job right now as a digital marketing director in a company. But I continue to share my valuable experience through my own blog after my off work.

I taught the readers how to build a wordpress website step by step and also how to drive traffic to their website.

110 valuable articles were completed in the past 1.5 years. I have been rewarded as the expert of wordpress and digital marketer by my readers. I am very clear about there is no shortcut for success.

So the question is how did I earn the money through my blog? Well, I can not tell you the answer in a short sentence, you can follow the steps for your references.

1. Build a blog on the niche you are familiar with

For instance, I am quite familiar with how to build a wordpress site then leverage the various platforms to drive traffic to your own site. So I built a blog teaching how to start a blog to make well as this English blog.

You should take one crucial thing in your mind is the niche you are going to choose must be pretty attractive for you. You are completely passionate about it. You need to believe that you can bring the best content to your readers as you are the expert in it.

Only providing the evergreen and constant content to your readers you can earn the reputation as an expert which means you are becoming a thought leader. There is nothing more important than your reader trust you.

Just remember the initial step before you can monetize: Choose a passionate or familiar niche

2. Publish the unique content with your persistence

Blogging is just like running a marathon, you’d better quit if you have not made your decision.

I mean this is not only in terms of SEO, but also you need to consider the user experience. What it will be if you are only posting 1 article every 2 months or maybe longer.


You have no any traffic, email list, rankings. No one likes the blogger less blogging even if you are Brian Dean.

Set a content marketing calendar is necessary for bloggers.

3. Exposure your content in the various platform

You need to learn a truth in nowadays traffic will not come to find you automatically unless you are branding yourself in many big online platforms.

There is one stereotype mistake that some marketers think the great content is the king, content is everything, that is enough, I would like to say it is not enough, on the contrary, it is naive.

What you should do is share your content to the mainstream platforms, Facebook and Instagram are good platforms for B2C business, while I am quite often branding on Linkedin as my business is more close to B2B.

I would not like to recommend you put eggs in multiple baskets when you are branding in the social media network. Why?

Choose the best suitable social media network for your business instead of all. Why is the match light under the magnifying glass? Because of the theory of FOCUS.

Remember Pareto Principle? Put your 80% energy into the 20% important things which can bring you benefit.

The best shoes are just fit your feet.

4. Put affiliate link in your post or blog

This is where your fortune comes from, personally, I earned the affiliate by recommending the hosting, domains, wordpress themes, plugins that I used.

I advertise them in my blog post or a banner in my sidebar widget area. I will get the affiliate commission once the customers buy it through my affiliate link. As we know this is called CPS.

Only after you have the reasonable metric on your site you can earn money. So  Rome was not built in one day. Just take it easy.

SEO is a long-term strategy if you want to make money online, Google ads or Facebook ads is much faster if you want it in a short run. ROI is needed to be considered when you are running Google or Facebook ads campaign.

I personally prefer to leverage SEO strategy to rank my site. I know this is a long way to go but I have the patience to ride myself on my way.

5. Keyword study before you launch your post

I should say research your niche keyword before you build your own blog. Sometimes when you start to blog you find out that the niche you choose is an absolute small niche.

Passions and interests are important but what if this niche is too small to monetize?

Then drop it off, choose another niche more profitable than it. And also do some keyword research with the help of the following tools:

Google Keyword Planner



Google Trends

These are the top 4 tools I often use when I choose the niche product. Ubersuggest is an amazing tool which is launched in the website of

Neil Patel is one of my favorite digital marketers.

6. Providing valuable content against spam

I repeatedly mention the phrase” valuable content” in my blog as Google hates spam content as well as the users.

If users feel good on your website, they would spend much longer time to immerse themselves into your depth-length content.

As we all know the truth is dwell time is one of the biggest signals to Google Search Engine when measuring the user experience of the website.

Google ads also delivery more weighs of ads display to the website brings excellent user experience.

The screen in below shows my recent affiliate commission, not too much but better than nothing, right?


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