About Me

leonard cheung


Hi guys,I am Leonard Cheung. I am living in a coastal city Qingdao,China. Speaking of Qingdao, You may already heard of Qingdao Beer though probably you never heard Qingdao City.

I start this blog for the purpose of sharing my personal experience of WordPress building, digital marketing, content marketing, affiliate marketing, blah blah…

I have been writing a Chinese blog imzhanghaoyu.com on the niche of digital marketing for almost 2 years. I do really enjoy writing blog with sharing my experience to these fellows who are also interested in this topic.

Special thanks to Neil Patel, the found of neilpateldigital.com, Brain Dean, founder of Backlinko.com Rand Fishkin, founder of Moz.com. These great digital nomads inspired me a lot when I just started my online marketing journey.

I studied  International Business at the university. In 2011, after my graduation, I joined a chemical company in charge of overseas marketing which means I need to make thousands of cold calls to expand international marketing. At the same time, I began to learn digital marketing via many blogs about SEO,SEM,SNS marketing.

I got 10x times leads through the above methods which drove me crazier to dig deeper into the ground of digital marketing. I did not need to cold call anymore.

English is not my native language, more or less there are some grammar mistakes in my blog post, but I hope you guys can figure out most of what I want to express. I will try to use the easiest words to make you understood.

Wish You Have A Wonderful Journey On My Blog.