How To Create A Blog To Make Money Online(Instant Guide)


When it comes to making money online, there are plenty of blogs and posts teach you how to do it step by step when you try to search on Google. Some articles work for you, otherwise, others perhaps may not work for you.

In my last post How Did I Earn My First Fortune As A Blogger, I shared my personal experience that how did I start to create my first Chinese wordpress blog for the purpose of tutoring my visitors how to digital marketing. And also I earned affiliate successfully commission from my blog

In today’s post, I am going to share how to create a blog that can make money online. I will give you a guide from choosing the proper blog builder to post your first blog post. Okay, Let us start our journey right now.

Choose The Proper Blog Builder

Setting up a blog is sort of similar to setting up a business website, but much easier than that. I can figure out that most of you guys visiting my blogs are lack of coding background. But that doesn’t matter if you have zero experience of php coding, html language.

I have been using the WordPress as the website and blog builder in my last few years, I definitely recommend you guys make a try for this website builder. It seems like Wix is more and more popular in the nowadays as a lot of Youtube ads displays how it is easy to set up a website.

Apart from you can create a blog by wordpress, also you can create a B2B business as well as B2C e-commerce store. You can find any business theme on Avada is one of the best sellers Business themes which has up to 50 demos you can set up.

I have no any coding background but wordpress is my favorite blog builder, with wordpress you can create a blog without coding skill.

Buy A WordPress Website Hosting

Generally, there are several sorts of web hosting, but the most used is VPS hosting and Shared hosting. What is the difference between VPS hosting and shared hosting? I will give you a brief introduction in below:

VPS hosting is more like a solid house, you can separate this house to small rooms as many as you can. Shared hosting is more like the separated rooms in a solid house.

Undoubtedly VPS hosting is better than Shared hosting, however, VPS hosting configuration is a little bit complicated for most bloggers who don’t have Linux knowledge, in this case, why don’t to buy a shared hosting.

Most of the shared hosting companies like Siteground, Bluehost provides the Cpanel dashboard. You can easily upload or download your files via that Cpanel dashboard.

There also another easier way to manage your remote file by download FTP tools like Filezilla,with assistance of Filezilla, you don’t need to log in your Cpanel through your web browser.

More details about how to buy and how to set up shared hosting will be completed in my coming posts.

Come Up With A Domain Name

Domain name is similar to the doorplate of your house, besides it should be in accordance with your brand name.

What you need to do after buying a shared hosting is assign your domain to your web hosting. Not a chance that any visitor can visit your blog without assigning your domain to your web hosting.

You need to keep below rules in mind when it comes to buy a domain or come up with a brand name.

1, The domain name should be in a short-term which should be recognized as easy as possible for your visitors. No one likes to type a domain name which includes 20 plus letters on the browser.

2, It would be better if the domain name contains keywords of your service or business. But it is okay if you miss this, my personal advice is let your target customers be aware of what exact business and service you can provide shorter than 3 seconds the first sight of your brand.

For instance, When I first noticed the name of, obviously this site is some sort of related to SEO stuff.

Install WordPress To Your Web Hosting

This is the last step before we can post our first blog post successfully. If your are using the web hosting of siteground or bluehost, you can install the wordpress just in one-click step on the Cpanel.

I will teach you how to install wordpress in a more detailed post in the coming post.

Configure The SSL Certificate

SSL certificate has become one of the key factors which can affect SEO. Accordingly, you should set up the SSL certificate to your wordpress blog if you want to rank your site on the first page of Google.

The good news is Siteground provides one-click install for SSL certificate on the Cpanel.

That is why I highly recommend Siteground web hosting. They can provide the KISS service to these bloggers who might be lack of coding skills.

Install The WordPress Blog Theme

There are thousands of blog and business themes for you to choose on

If you want to install the free themes, you can just find them by searching “free wordpress blog themes” on Google. This is where my current blog theme came from:)

Free theme is just fit in my shoes at the beginning.

Write Your First Post

Congratulations! You are just in the final step of this post, you have already learned the basic steps how to create a blog in an instant guide. You have the general understanding of how the blog comes out.

In my upcoming posts, I will teach you guys

How to buy web hosting and how to configure web hosting

How to buy a domain name and how to assign it to your web hosting

How to install WordPress and SSL certificate in one-click installation way

Please leave your comment below If you have questions.


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